Relationship Saboteurs

Relationship Saboteurs

Relationship Saboteurs
Overcoming the Ten Behaviors that Undermine Love

Relationship Saboteurs is a book about repeated behaviors that often undo promising love. It is a hopeful book because it teaches its readers how to overcome these behaviors and replace them with those that work. Through its interesting and unique systematic exercises and meaningful examples, it gently transports those who may have practiced these sabotaging behaviors out of their negative patterns and into the positive realm of relationship success.

Relationship saboteurs do not set out to fail in their love relationships. More often, they don’t even realize how behaviors that may have once been seen as attractive now push their partners away. When the relationship ends, the relationship saboteur often feels blind-sided without ever understanding why.

Relationship Saboteurs describes the ten most common undermining behaviors each in its own chapter: Insecurity, Control, Fear of Intimacy, Needing to Win, Pessimism, Center Stage, Addictions, Martyrdom, Defensiveness, and Breaking Trust. Each chapter can be read independently.

The interesting and compelling exercises help the reader better understand how he or she may be acting as a relationship saboteur and how to change those behaviors. They best work with a current partner, but are still effective even if a person is not currently in an intimate relationship.

Readers who have completed the book report major successes in identifying and healing these patterns in themselves and in their partners. The result has been significant positive changes in their present and succeeding relationships.

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