Innovative and exciting approaches to every facet of today's relationship dilemmas

  • When Love Stumbles

    When Love Stumbles

    It's easy to fall in love, but keeping that love alive is more difficult for most couples. This book will teach you the skills you need to predict and correct the most common behaviors that threaten intimacy.
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  • Relationship Saboteurs

    Relationship Saboteurs

    This book will teach you how to identify and heal any patterns that may have undermined your past relationships. It also will help you recognize any relationship saboteurs you may attract.
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Randi Gunther

Randi Gunther, Ph.D.

Dr. Randi Gunther is a clinical psychologist and marriage counselor practicing in Southern California. In her forty year career, she has accumulated over 90,000 face-to-face hours with individuals and couples.
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